What’s in it for Parade Participants? 

In addition to the prestige & goodwill of being a Regatta participant, there will be several chances for prizes. Attend the boat captain’s meeting for a chance to win raffle prizes. There will be best in best in class awards, to be judged the night of the regatta, and given out the morning after the regatta at the Awards meeting. Categories are based on boat length. There will also be a cash grand prize for best overall entry sponsored by Crab Catcher’s. ​

Tips for Participants

Be Different

Use light patterns other than ust lining your rails. Try animation.

Be Colorful

Use deck displays and light with a lot variety & color that demand attention. One, two, or event three colors in specific patterns can be very attractive.

Be Bright

The more lights, the better the impression. Light the objects or decorations you want to be seen from a distance. Afterall, the flotilla will be at night.

Be Visible

Can your decorations be seen clearly from 300-400 feet?

Make Things Big & Secure

Make Your Parade Number Easy to Find. Is your ID number on the starboard & port bow? You are not judged until the judges find your number. If they see your number as you approach, they have sufficient time to look you over. Make sure your number is secure. Poorly sefured numbers have been known to fold in half because of the wind, and are not readable.

As you prepare to decorate your boat, be mindful that using inflatables have had unforeseen consequences. Please be sure if you are using inflatables that they are adequately secured in order to prevent having to stop or slow during the parade to “capture” or re-arrange your decorations!

Do Not Crowd the Boat in Front

If you do, please consider that the boat in front of you will receive the most attention.

Do Not Lag Behind

If you do, people get bored or may think the parade ended before you. It’s easier to feed off the excitement already in the air than to create your own.

And don’t forget – Have Fun!